Short Stories

For those of you who don’t want to invest in a whole novel or are too lazy to hunt down a fanfiction or blog or whatever, here are a list of short stories and splurgats to give you a testing taste of my stories and writing:

Frog Girl

Another college assignment story. This one I based on two girls I knew my senior year of high school. One was…a weirdo. The other was unfortunately targeted, one of those victims of kids who are carelessly mean. My professor also didn’t like this story. Got only a B for it. Frog Girl Orchestra was a … Continue reading Frog Girl


Not the browser, but a story idea I thought would be fun. Sadly, again, none of the characters stepped up to tell me the story and I only got this far. It has, get this, a fire fox! Oh, bet the title didn’t clue you in. Firefox by T.S. Lowe Weights swung about Emry in … Continue reading Firefox