Out of Duat

Hath should have died the night the Pharaoh of Egypt set out to destroy the worshipers of death. But his son saved her, inadvertently earning a place in her heart. So when Hath takes her place as the last of the necromancers, she does so with every intention of using her morbid arts to win the love of her young prince, now Pharaoh of Egypt himself.

Xius only wants to avoid being remembered in history as the pharaoh who unbalanced maat by coming to power without a queen. When virgins are murdered, his general is kidnapped, and a plague threatens Egypt, keeping up protocol is going to be the least of his worries.

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However, it is the coming of a pale young woman from the future that is the undoing of them both.

For an Excerpt/Sample: Excerpt from Out of Duat

Out of Duat is a time-traveling fantasy of love and betrayal that takes place in ancient Egypt...if you were too lazy to read the above synopsis, but then how did you get this far?

Working on the paperback. It’s a lot of busy work.

First Sketch of Cover Art

The Inspiration, (besides my romantic obsession with Ancient Egypt)

Duat? What’s that?