What I’m Writing Now (WIP)

I’m always writing something! But here is what I’m writing right now–if you want to be along for the ride:

Star Side

Jo hopes to forget everything on the fringes of space. Even if she decided to turn back home one day, everyone who knows her back on Earth will be dead, and that's probably for the best. There are only three others on the all-but abandoned space station, but they don't ask too many questions, so Jo settles down for a long, quiet life drifting in the stars.

Until an unadvised manned mission brings back an alien in the form of a demon. It's already killed one of them so they're not all too keen on learning about it. But when Jo randomly lays eggs (with no memory on her part of how they even got IN there), they may not have a choice in the matter. But there isn't much a convict and an old nutritionist can do to help Jo navigate mankind's first foray into intelligent life, and with the demon alien growing more protective of Jo by the day, they might not even get a chance to try anyway.

Probably my darkest and weirdest attempt romance yet. 

My Precious Nightmare

All best friends Lea and Sky want to do is finish their last year of high school so they can get out of the crummy hand dealt to them by absent parents, a bad neighborhood, and jerkwad classmates. Trying to be nice to a downed vampire behind a dumpster ruins that plan. And no, he's not in love. He's at war. And being the weak humans that they are, they're dragged in to serve as blood banks. Even if the girls could punch their way out, one of their captors is a 500-year-old winged demon and the other is a powerful business tycoon. So much for, you know, a future. 

Still, perhaps Lea's kindness and Sky's sass can be their kidnappers' undoing. But don't undo them too soon. Someone stronger is spreading the vampiric infection, and the general public is catching on. 

A romantic horror with an emphasis on vampires that definitely don't sparkle.

Mimi’s Demons

An eleven-year-old girl finds a mafia boss unconscious and bleeding out against her favorite breakfast dumpster. When she saves his life, he rewards her by forcibly taking her from the streets to adopt her. The devilish criminal boss is determined to parent the crap out of this feral child, despite having no idea what he’s doing. She’s gonna grow up, become his heir, and, most importantly, be Daddy’s little girl.

Mimi doesn’t want a dad. She just wants to go back to her parking garage. Just because she can see demons doesn’t mean she likes them, and this new ‘home’ is full of them. She’s also not stupid enough to believe a mafia boss could make good parenting material, especially for a freak like her.

And what’s this about making friends with the monster under her bed?

Of Second Changes and Dragons-BNHA/MHA Fanfic

Bakugou gave his life to save the nerd. Shoot him, the kid had All for One and there was that whole ‘my body just moved’ hero crap, and Bakugou was a hero, damn it.

That should have been the end, but some glowy-ass angel of death said that, because he was just THAT saintly, Bakugou gets a chance to be reborn in another life–a do-over, in a way, but not really. ‘Course he’s going to take it, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to feel like shit about failing to be the freaking best hero ever.


Bakugou gets reincarnated as a barbarian prince and somehow meets a Midoriya who doesn’t remember their past life as heroes. That doesn’t stop Midoriya from trying to friend the crap out of Bakugou.

ON HIATUS until I finish Star Side

Double Life-BNHA/MHA Fanfic

At thirteen, she dreams about being born.

At eighteen, she dreams about being a little girl discovering she has a vague quirk where she lives another life when she sleeps but forgets it soon after she wakes up.

At twenty-four, she gets in a car accident and falls into a week-long coma. She dreams about being a seven-year-old girl in another world who has a week of insomnia.

When she’s sent home from the hospital, she wakes up on the other side of her consciousness to find, for the first time, she can remember her dreams, and she can’t tell which one is reality. All she knows is that in one she’s watching her dreams reflected in an anime. In the other, she’s a little girl, and her best friend, Izuku Midoriya, is very real and very likely to get himself killed trying to be a hero.

If the anime in her adult-self-dream is foretelling the future, how can she be sure not to screw up the timeline so her friend can become the hero who saves the world? If she hasn’t already, that is. And if she dies in this world, will her other self die as well?

She’s not trying to be a hero. She’s just trying not to have a nightmare.

ON HIATUS until I finish Star Side