Hey. I’m me–I mean, T.S. Lowe or LoweFantasy, depending on whether you like my original works or my fanfiction. Oh, and a lot of poetry, but you’re not supposed to know that. That’s why you have to dig around on here to find them rather than getting a button in your face to take you right there. >}

The Hubby and Me–I don’t really like taking pictures of myself, but I sure like seeing him.

Um, I write. Like…a lot. Sort of made my whole career about it and got my bachelor’s in creative writing from Southern Utah University. I’m also just obsessed with stories. If I don’t write for more than a week I start dreaming of stories while writing them. It’s bad. I spent a few years ghostwriting to help support my family, but writing novels for other people to take credit for just so they can use the kindle-get-rich-quick scheme was really sucking out my soul, so I quit that and decided to just focus on writing my own stuff.

Besides writing, I have interests in drawing, painting, belly dancing, music, holding my cat upside down, watching a wide variety of anime with my boys, and driving my Pikachu car. I live in Utah with my really awesome hubby, who I married in the Salt Lake Temple for eternity, and two little sons. I can’t get over how much I like them to the point it’s kind of sickening. Despite my anxiety disorder (apparently, I got this broken gene that makes my brain extra broken), I have a very happy life. Kind of grew up rough, but that’s okay. It’s the rough stuff in life that makes us.

I’m friendly enough, but anti-social, so don’t look for me on social media accounts (I don’t have any.) You can find my stories, but I’m somewhere cuddling with babies and playing video games.

I was born in 1992. I like various Asian foods. I hate things that slander the law of chastity, because if nothing else I’m a romantic. My eyes are blue. And I think my blood type is AB? …..Feeling nosey yet?

Here are the links to all my various tentacles of storiness.

My Wattpad Account

My Fanfiction.net Account (don’t tell anyone)

My Quotev Account

My Fictionpress Account

And in case you’re still feeling nosey:

There. My face. My mom made me smile. She has the humor of a teenage boy, so it might have been a grimace.
Hubby and meeee!!! Except now he has chops. But he still gives me goopy-love smiles, when he’s not being a grouch. Had to get someone to balance out my dry optimism, I suppose. Don’t ask about my hair. I don’t do hair.
My boys, camping in the living room. I’d plaster my whole site in them because they’re so freaking, gosh darn beautiful but I don’t want creeps oggling them, so this is what you get. Granted, I love them so much I might as well be the creep… *foam and writhe on the floor* Babieeeeeeeeez!!!
And my cat Jim, who wishes he was one of my babies, as shown here. Yeah, he’s tailless. Lost it because he can’t fight worth balls and got it bitten by something. He’s also HUGE. Vet says he’s 24 pounds and not all that overweight, really.