The majority of my AU stories actually come from Yugioh. Maybe it’s because I can’t take card games seriously, or maybe it’s just because they have a lot of pliable characters that are so fun to gender bend, I don’t know. But I am a shameless lover of all things Seto Kaiba and Dan Green’s voice.

Now, to figure out how I freaking list all the summaries and links to the stories…ugh, technology.

And it’s a children’s anime about a card game…I have no more dignity.

Anyhoo, stories are listed as I created them. Links included.

Wings of Time

When Yugi and friends find a amnesiac girl lost in the rain who seems to share a connection with Yami’s past, they take her in. But when Yugi starts falling for her and Yami starts to remember a woman from the future who wouldn’t marry him, time begins to shift over and past and future begin to blend. Not Yaoi. YugiXOCXYami

published: 2014      words: 63,000        genre: romance/fantasy              status: complete

Five Brothers, a Band, and a Lost Angel

Three angelic brothers are on the search for their long lost sister. A winged god-daughter of a man-eating demon starts her first day of public school, forbidden to love. Somehow Yugi, his twin brother Yami, and their best friend Joey get mixed in by starting a band in a garage. And underneath it all, a blood thirsty Marik hunts “birdies” in the shadows. (JouxMai)(YxOCxY)

published: 2014         words: 46,000          genre: romance/dark fantasy     status: on hold

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A Christmas Carol with Kaiba

Seto could have laughed out loud. Who knew Yugi would be the type of person to pretend to be an angel on his rival’s windowsill? But then again, it was one o’clock in the morning, and Kaiba was not the kind of person to get tipsy and giggly after staying up too late. “Let me guess, I’m suppose to be Ebeneezer Scrooge?” Dicken’s Christmas Carol, in Yugioh canon style.

published: 2014        words: 21,000          genre: supernatural/drama       status: complete

Blood Chain

In a vicious cycle of revenge and survival among a ring of blood fed nightmares, two teenage girls come face to face with something not at all romantic or productive to staying alive. Their hunters have bigger fish to fry than them, namely each other, but their use as bloodbanks might be in order. Fem Joey, Fem Yugi, and vampires. A Halloween special for my wonderful readers.

published: 2017 words: 114,000 genre: horror/romance status: rewritten as ‘My Precious Nightmare’

Back Up

When their lead guitarist and backup vocalist quits the night before a critical concert, the only question left was: who was going to tell their demonic producer? But by a sheer miracle, a girl with the ability to replay every part of a song she hears appears literally on their front doorstep. As their world tour goes on, Atem finds himself falling hard, despite learning that her weird standards not only stop her from drinking coffee, but write him off as a romantic possibility. But is that hope he hears in the music she plays? CAN BE READ WITHOUT KNOWING THE FANDOM

published: 2018 words: 110,000 genre: drama/romance status: being rewritten