Welcome. Thank you for spending the calories to find this site of mine. If you want to know more about me, that’s what the ‘About’ page is for, but you’re here to be entertained. Maybe after your entertainment, you’ll care about who gave it to you, but I think the limelight is a curse, so I won’t be hurt if you don’t care. You reading my stories is what I want, not your eyeballs on my face or info. Just think of me as a mermaid telling you the stuff I gathered on my swims around the world. I’m gonna have an ‘Ohmygersh, Imma Mermaid!’ blog one day anyway.

Now, go forth. Read. Enjoy. Love the stories. Hate the stories. I’ll just be hiding in a corner, most likely writing some more–I mean SWIMMING! I’ll be swimming. >.> *cue mermaid noises*