Raising a Hero

Illustration thanks to YourDrawingPineapple!

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She had only wanted to have a working marriage and a happy family. All of her efforts had been towards that goal. Despite that, her husband leaves her for another woman after the loss of her unborn child, and just as she starts to pick herself up, she dies in a car accident.

But this isn’t the end of her story.

Her spirit is picked up by her brother. He happens to be a beginner god who needs help raising the hero who is supposed to save his fledgling world. Thinking he is offering her a long-sought-after opportunity to be a mother, she readily agrees, and he sends her down to his world with the gift of healing and a Methuselah-grade body to aid her on her quest. She quickly finds her little boy and is overjoyed to have someone to love and baby at last. But this hero doesn’t want her as his mother. He wants her as something else.