Since I only wrote one story for these fandoms, I’m just throwing them all together on the same page. Makes less work to me. I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but I’m not all that into website making or technology in general. All of them can be found on fanfiction.net and a few of them are on Quotev or Wattpad.

Fandoms included here are: My Hero Academia, Brother’s Conflict, Poke’mon (who hasn’t written a Poke’mon fanfic?), The Seven Deadly Sins, and some random Manhua (meaning Chinese novel/webcomic) Beauty and the Beasts.

Beauties and Beasts–Beauty and the Beasts

Neara and Shay looked to the future (read ‘pastries’) to forget their past, but are interrupted by being transported to a world of beastmen struggling to keep their population up when 4-5 men are born for every woman. Because of the high competition, men look like models and the women like dump trucks. When the two modern girls show up, their comparative ‘beauty’ and basic manners cause chaos and mayhem. Forget having a harem, they want home. Home has cinnamon rolls and flushing toilets. But could they be the key to finding out what caused such an imbalance to the genders?

A not-so-traditional comedical self-insertion into the world of the manhua “Beauty and the Beasts” by two old English graduate friends who need a good laugh and writing practice. DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THE MANHUA/FANDOM TO ENJOY THE STORY! It’s even better if you don’t.

published: 2021 Words: Um…a lot genre: romance/humor status: complete

Curse of the Black Fox–Poke’mon

If being turned into a poke’mon was supposed to cure her fear of them, said curser had conveniently forgotten: 1. Territorial wild poke’mon, 2. Ten-year-old trainers (who seriously needed to be sent back to school, preferably with ADD meds), 3. Breeders, and 4. Painfully handsome young Champions who aren’t creepy enough to fall in love with a Ninetales.

published: 2020 words: 47,000 genre: fantasy/romance status: on hiatus

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Happy Howl–Seven Deadly Sins

It was a good thing he had beaten Ban unconscious, because Meliodas hugged the bundle of wrinkly newborn to his chest and bawled. A series of fluffy oneshots that take place after the series.

published: 2018 words: 5,000 genre: romance/family status: complete

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My Pet Goddess–Seven Deadly Sins

How did the prince of demons, once proud ruler of a godless world, end up as a demon-slaying, do-gooding barkeep in the modern day and age? Simple: dad gave him a pet that changed his heart, though that hadn’t been the intention.

published: 2020 words: 32,500 genre: romance/fantasy status: on hiatus

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Pastimes of the Invisible Girl–My Hero Academia

Boys like a girl they can see.

So Toru doesn’t do romance. And that’s good, because she’s training to be a superhero, and her superpower is as guardian of secrets, including many of her own, one of which is her crush on a certain explosive boy who she finds hilarious.

published: 2020 words: 25,200 genre: humor/romance status: complete

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The Pediatrician’s Closet–Brother’s Conflict

Mild, harmless Masaomi has stayed out of Ema’s life because he is far too aware of the years between them. That is, until he catches Fuuto leaving Ema’s room after forcing himself on her. Only the older brothers know about the protective, vengeful monster Masaomi has kept back for so many years, and the younger brothers are about to see why.

published: 2018 words: 36,000 genre: family/romance status: complete