The Legend of Zelda

Seriously, everyone should have daydreamed at least one story for The Legend of Zelda. It takes the traditional prince saving the princess, feeds it steroids, and puts it into a gladiator ring with slathering monsters and logic puzzles. I could go on and on about how much I love that game, but then you’d have to wipe slobber off of your computer screen, and that’s just not sanitary.

I find that most of my fantasy stories originally come from the Legend of Zelda. Perhaps it’s because it’s such an open, high fantasy world, or perhaps because I’m obsessed and need to see counseling.


You’d think that when Kara and her friend, Amanda, are sucked into The Legend of Zelda, Link would fall in love, they’d have a great adventure, and all would be just peachy. But that isn’t life. And this isn’t a fantasy for outsiders to play with. Maybe that’s why the Happy Mask Salesman is out to kill and reality is turned on its head. Link/OC/Dark Link, OC/Ganondorf

published: 2010          words: 118,000          genre: romance/adventure         status: complete


The moon vanishes, Twili attack, and an amnesic, mute, but beautiful feathered girl appears with the sole intention of making Link happy. Link, however, is more concerned with the possibility of returning to the twilight realm. But it becomes much darker than that when there is no moon to shine in the cold night, and lovers are not what they seem. MidnaXLinkXOC

published: 2013        words: 58,000       genre: romance/dark fantasy        status: complete

Hero Issues with Instantaneous Puberty

Link, raised by children who never grow up and whom are born from the seeds of the Deku Tree, suddenly finds himself seven years into the future as a 17 year old, grown Hylian man. This is the story of what happens to a guy when he has never heard of the concept of puberty or the possibility that not everyone comes from seeds.

published: 2013       words: 3,200       genre: humor                            status: complete

The Snow Maiden

While wandering without a purpose, Dark Link meets the one person most like him in the world: the Snow Maiden. Meanwhile, Link is sent to save a usually warm village from a curse of seemingly endless winter. When Dark Link’s obsession with the Snow Maiden interferes with Link’s quest to save the lives of the village, Link will have to rediscover the definition of murder.

published: 2014        words: 39,000         genre: romance/fantasy            status: complete


The spell over Hanna’s memory and body disguising her as human are broken when she imprints on Link. Dismayed at her failure to hide her child, her mother throws her out, and Hanna finds herself as an unwanted creation of gods who were defeated by the goddesses. She is the last of her kind, hunted, and mated to a man she doesn’t know, but she will find her happiness at any cost.

published: 2015       words: 104,000       genre: fantasy/romance           status: being rewritten

Fantiality Infinity

Sequel to Fantiality. Dark Link (or Shadow as he calls himself), was created to be nothing more than a monster-an obstacle for the Hero to overcome. Now he has even lost his only friend and love to the Hero who hardly understands what he has stolen. But Shadow was never one for self-pity, and he’d be damned if he left his fate to some god-forsaken Japanese storyteller.

published: 2015       words: 44,000         genre: romance/adventure         status: abandoned

Remembering Dusk

A twili can never live in the light, unless a sacrifice is given. Thus, she is reborn without memory or power, though not without her love for Link or her regal snark. Link, missing his impish companion more than is sane, is more than happy to help her remember. But she isn’t meant to remember. Should she take back what she’s sacrificed to be in the light, go back to being Midna…

published: 2016        words: 11,000      genre: romance                               status: abandoned