Wendy knows she tends to be a mother hen to her friends. But if she doesn’t, who will? Her boys are lost from their parents in more ways then one, especially the mysterious Kolya, who awkwardly befriended them after fleeing the Russian mafia. She almost wishes he hadn’t when she finds herself on the end of what must be a one-sided love. After all, why would the cool, handsome, aloof Kolya have any interest in a nagging she-man like her?

But when Kolya’s past catches up with them, getting rid of an unwanted crush will be the last thing on Wendy’s mind.

At a small 24,000 words (about 60 pages), Wendy is the first book in a line of short, inexpensive Kindle novellas I started in an act to keep food on the table…literally. My husband and I are a young couple just starting out our careers with a baby. *shrug* It’s that stage of life to struggle, you know?

…Though seriously…