The Opal and The Genie

Welcome to my first traditionally published novel! If a digital publisher is considered traditional…point being, yay!


The Opal and The Genie is a non-traditional approach to the fairy tale ending where the faceless protagonist that managed to do the King a favor gets to marry the princess. But they never give the princess a say in it. Our first knee-jerk reaction is to imagine a story where the princess rebels and gets away from her role as a prize to find true love, or no love at all, because hello, we’re in the modern day and age where women don’t like the idea of having to be tied down to a man to find happiness.

However, the war hero she is given to honestly and sincerely loves her and did all he did for her. So, before she can get back to her ‘true love’ (some not-quite-a-knight-yet guy named Jeremy), the war hero Einar does his best to woo her with tales he collected over his time as a soldier in the army. With each story, Kyanna’s view of her new husband, as well as the world the seeks to subjugate her, changes.

Not only that, but an invasion of a genie into her dreams demanding she think of something other than a man to strive for invites the beginning of a world where Einar’s stories aren’t just stories.

It’s a twist on 1001 Arabian Knights, with original and rarely heard fairy tales, folk tales, and a main character who discovers that maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t as right about true love as she thought she was.

Full book can now be found on Readict!

P.S. The cover here is a place holder. Still working on getting an image of the actual cover.