Fanfiction: a definition, a theory, and a rant (it just gets so WEIRD!)

Since I was nine I've been an avid reader. Or, as my husband says, a story junky (yeah, the amount of stories I inhale probably isn't healthy). Actually, ever since I could read I've been a reader, but before the Harry Potter books I mainly dabbled in science books. I remember spending hours in my … Continue reading Fanfiction: a definition, a theory, and a rant (it just gets so WEIRD!)

Frog Girl

Another college assignment story. This one I based on two girls I knew my senior year of high school. One was...a weirdo. The other was unfortunately targeted, one of those victims of kids who are carelessly mean. My professor also didn't like this story. Got only a B for it. Frog Girl Orchestra was a … Continue reading Frog Girl


I've been in a sci-fi hit lately, so I pulled this out of my old writing folders. But, I, uh, don't know how the story ended because an old classmate of mine from college asked me to write the beginning of a story for her as a writing prompt, like...uh...some years ago? It was after … Continue reading Alien


Not the browser, but a story idea I thought would be fun. Sadly, again, none of the characters stepped up to tell me the story and I only got this far. It has, get this, a fire fox! Oh, bet the title didn't clue you in. Firefox by T.S. Lowe Weights swung about Emry in … Continue reading Firefox