Updated! Kill Me.

So all the links should work now. It took, like, three hours, but it’s all up to date. Don’t get picky on how all the links aren’t cute buttons because I gave up on listing all the fanfictions. Ugh, fanfictions. And it’s just going to get worse the more stories I write. Ugh. UGH. Why does my hobby spend so much time on the computer! My eyes.

Sidenote, listened to a parasite documentary on youtube while doing so. Moral of the story: tropics suck and don’t have a pet monkey.

My baaaaack. My neeeeeck. And I’m still not done. I have to check in on the Amazon Kindle stories and take them down or something I can’t even remember what I had planned for them. My brain is too spent. I know I need to make new covers for those books because the ones up there suuuuck. That’s

HOLD ON! They’re cutting open this lady’s mystery lump…lame. There was nothing in it. Just like my life. Probably a good thing because we don’t want parasitic worms in our life.

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