Are We Afraid to Say ‘Evil’?

My news dip for today:

ISIS still wants
to rule the world.

Some teenager did something
beyond stupid, into cruel.

Someone that was suppose
to love their victim,
killed them instead.

A few more children
are tossed under the wheels
of a bus no one
wants to ride.

And finally
our politics are really
screwed up,
and the only people talking out
are those trying to


why ISIS wants to rule the world,
why the teenager isn’t sick,
why someone’s love went sour,
and why anyone would harm
a child.

But I’m beginning to think
the answer for all these
are the same,
and we just don’t want it to be.

its just wicked.

all these people,
are just evil.

If not,
then there are no good people either.

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