Links to Published Books Fixed

I just thought I’d let you all know that I fixed the links and updated them. I put them back up on Amazon too because, you know, I don’t have high ambitions for them. They’ve happened. They’re there. They’re all $3 and lower, so that’s almost an entire gallon of milk! I like milk. Don’t know about you.

There’s three. Two full size novels for the heavy hitters. One novelle for the light readers. It’s a light novel.

My debut novel. Here’s the page all about it, including the link to purchase it:

Yeah, I know, the cover art is kinda lame. It was what I could afford at the time. I’m studying how to do better. Here are my excuses, oh Lord Reader.

Erase me was the second novel I published. I was particularly proud of it because of all the positive reviews and feedbacks I got on sites like Inkitt and Wattpad and whatnot. I included some of the reviews on the info page I made for it along with the link to purchase it, which you can find here:

Again, excuse the low budget cover. It was what I could afford. I’m educating myself on how to do better.

And here is the little novella for the lightweight readers. I originally intended it to be the first of a series of short fun read kindle books to help pay for food, because I’m a stay-at-home mom with a college degree and my husband’s a blue-collared worker. Well…ended up realizing self-publishing is only for those who love cruising social media and spend loads of time online, which I loathe. So…here we are.

I actually made this cover!…with acrylic paint and an ancient scanner…I tried. ONE DAY!

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