Shh. I’m a Bigot.

The world applauds.

A mass, a great multitude,
millions upon millions
clapping, cheering

An ocean coming

to eat me whole.
They’ve gotten their way
through the bigots
their nation.

Free love for all.

Men and men,
women and women,
can love
without prejudice
of the law.


It feels so odd
to be staring at the page
of rainbows
calling little me,
who hugs Pikachu
when no one is looking
and loves chocolate raisens,
‘a bigot’
for simply wanting
to do the best
for the God
I believe
has saved me.

I’ve never been cruel
to someone who believes
differently than me,
no matter what.
Why would I?
Father tells me
to treat everyone
with kindness and love,
as He loves all.

But yet
I’m just a little afraid.
Even as I write these words.

I’m a bigot.

But God told me no.
Told me marriage was this
and only this,
not to be changed
by anyone,
Supreme or otherwise.

I won’t hurt anyone.

But dare I say this out loud…

But dare I say otherwise?

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