Daughter of the Other Woman

I am the other woman’s daughter.

Though I came first,
I did not come
when the heart was

And didn’t leave,
when it changed its mind.

I am the other woman’s daughter.

Daughter of the ex.
Spare of a High School romance.
Extra of the second broken marriage,
and annoyance of
the third.

Daughter of
my mother.

Who was the other woman.

So I’ll prove my worth.

I’ll be great,
I’ll be good in every whit,
reliable, beautiful, healthy,
strong and ready
to tackle the world

They’ll hear my name,
they’ll see me rise,
and never think again
that I was just the child
of the other woman,
but the daughter of my father
as well.

But I can’t be perfect.

And I’ve only now realized
that I was never just
the other woman’s daughter.

but more.

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