Just Going Through the Phases

“You do this all the time”
he said, frustrated
and I laughed.
“Saying only half of your thought
then stopping the rest from coming out.
Don’t you know how much that bothers me?
I’m so curious…”

“Why do you tease me?”
He looked peeved,
but I knew.
“You mean one thing
but seem to say another,
or is it just me?
Sometimes I feel so stupid.”

“I don’t really mind,”
he said, shrugging
the nonchalance amused me.
“As long as they don’t do anything funny
and stay to their side of the bed,
I’m good with just about anyone
climbing in.”

“Don’t do this,”
this time he’s solemn,
and I pause.
“You know how much I love you,
don’t throw me away, let me stay,
I know I’m being dramatic,
but…I don’t want to lose you.”

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