Electricity changes from month to month,
But, on average: 100…Maybe.
Garbage: 20
Phone: 48
Car Insurance…we’ve been in too many wrecks.
Medication: 50 something
That changes all the time
But I’m mostly ashamed that I even have it.
Gas: 200
More insurance: 93
Because it’s illegal to not have enough.
Groceries: I don’t want to talk about it
Not because it’s much
But because it isn’t

Due to somebody else.
Silver card: 120
That credit line: 100
That loan to consolidate debts
That car with the duct taped bumper
And one working eye,
That broken truck
But just for this month.
Because nothing ever
Stays the same.

Full time school and full time work

Still not enough…still not enough…

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