Yeah, I write fanfiction. In a way, every artist makes fan art in one form or another, because we learn what we like and what we want to make by viewing and copying other artists. I just haven’t fully grown up out of that phase, I guess. But hey, it’s a great place to play around with first drafts.

That being said, they are first drafts, so don’t expect them to be at the same level and quality as my published works, which go through vigorous revisions and rewrites, especially since I have the writing style of making it up as I go. When I decide I want to publish a book, I end up rewriting 70% of it due to lack of outlining.

….Buuuuuut fanfiction is still fun. ^.^ So far I dabble in Legend of Zelda, Yugioh, the Ghost Hunt anime, and Beyblade. Here’s a list of them to enjoy!

The Legend of Zelda

Ghost Hunt



Support the Creation of More Fanfics

So, I'm an adult, and that means I have adulty things to do outside of writing fanfiction. The great thing about adulty things, though, is if you throw enough money at them, they calm down, and thus, give me more time to write fanfiction. ^.^


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