To Stop You

You make me tired.
Maybe one day
I’ll get all you and you
to stand still
so I can breathe
and figure out
where my mind
is kept.
But for now,
you are tearing aqua marine,
a sky swallowing me,
because I can’t stop
I can’t get the trees
to just stop
and look at me.
Or maybe I look
too much at myself.
Can’t I see anyone else?
Isn’t anyone else there?
Or are you just a current
pulling and dragging
sliding me along the bottom
of the ocean
drowning in the speed–
so tiring.
And it’s all because or you.
You who moves me,
keeps moving me,
till I have no grasp
of what I am.
You make me tired.
But I can’t find the will
to stop you.

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