Why Fan Girls Creep Me Out

I’m going to hunt
for Seto Kaiba.

I’ll get an old van
painted blue,
record a few shows
for ol’ Youtube.

Everyone will want
to see if I find
Seto Kaiba,
or one in kind.

I do not care if
I’m forty years old,
For the sake of Kaiba
I will be bold.

And when I find
my Yugioh man,
I’ll tie him down
to my old blue van.

And force him to be
my heart of the cards
and if he struggles,
I’ll just kick his nards.

Its God’s fault
that button is there.
I’ll use it because
for Kaiba, it’s fair.

You think I’m crazy,
but you don’t understand.
It’s Kaiba’s fault
I’m so out of hand.

But at least I’d’ve found
my childhood dream,
the love of my life,
my three dragon team.

And our blue love van
in the distance.


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