Star Side

I went through a weird fit of frustration that I had a craving for random impregnation by an alien story and didn’t want the porno to get to it. I was aiming for something horror sci-fi with unexpected romance without the explicit sexual material. I think what I really wanted to see was some loner, weirdo virgin scientist freak out after they lay eggs with no idea how they got there and then the ensuing cute parenting feelings they develop because of it and, of course, the rest of humanity trying to get in the way of such cute weirdness. This is what happened during that hour of venting. Whether I’ll continue with it, I don’t know, got to finish my other WIP first.

Heyo, I’ve taken this down so I can edit, write more, and submit it into a Webnovel contest. Don’t want them finding it and being all “We said it can’t be published!” or “How dare you plagiarize!” Though I’m rather jaded about the justice of the world and doubt anyone or anything would come to save me if someone had plagiarized my work, so….there’s that.

Stay tuned to read the story, or know where it is, or…gal I’m tired. Why am I so tired?

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