Just an update note…

For all y’all that care about my stories and where they’re going and whatnot, I think I’m going to try out just sticking with Wattpad and Quotev from now on. Webnovel’s contracts aren’t really fair, the publishers I tried out don’t do much for me anyways despite taking %50 of royalties, and I’ve been reading around. If I’m feeling ambitious I may try the querying slog for traditional publishers, but that’s always as discouraging as heck.

Not to mention the ghostwriting jobs are earning me over $2,000 per book I write, so I guess that helps the hubby put bacon on the table. Not to mention the ‘writing contests’ and ‘exclusive’ or ‘non-exclusive’ contracts are giving me more stress than I know what to do with. I don’t deal with ‘competitions’ (like, with a possible award) well. I know I’m not the best out there and competing to be the best when I already know that does things to me. Art is such a relative thing that I don’t ever think I will be the best. I’m just here to tell my stories to the ones who need it and so I don’t have to write obsessively in my dreams (which then wake me up and keep me up at night writing in my head, it’s bad).

So, I’ll be reposting up ‘Raising a Hero.’ I don’t get that much money from the other sites anyway. I might try the monetization blah on Wattpad because at least then I’m getting the money and not some faceless Chinese entity who does nothing for their share. They must really like enslaving others over there. Pity. Their stories aren’t half bad. A little too much rebirth just to get revenge and ‘hanging out my drama in front of the crowd,’ but not bad.

Also, the two novels I was preparing for publication I’ll just do on here, so keep an eye on ‘What I’m Working On’ page. I’ll put them up on Wattpad as well. Though there are also those stupid mirror sites that like to steal my stuff…

*sigh* what can you do?

Oh! Here’s the cover of one of those books I mentioned getting ready to put out. ^.^ I painted it myself! 😀 Didn’t know I was an artist? Yeah, that’s because I don’t like to show it off and also I only got the digital equipment for it this year when I realized I could make my own book covers. I’m more of a paints and canvas type.

4 thoughts on “Just an update note…

  1. It’s hard trying to figure things out but I look forward to reading Hero again. Unlocking chapters takes awhile for me but I do love your writing ❤️

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      1. Yes, I’ve been super busy with the kids. I miss my stories on Quotev too. Sorry the option wasn’t what you thought it would be but you tried and that is all we can do. I do hope you get your books published, they are amazing!!

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