What’s Going On (Raising a Hero, Aliens, Vampires, Nigh-Naked Jim, etc)

Alright, so, here’s what’s going on:

  1. I’m publishing the rest of ‘Raising a Hero’ on Wattpad
    • Which is complete at 243 chapters which means a lot of clicking and staring at a screen and waiting for my old, duct-tapped laptop to load up screens, so be grateful!
    • Is happening because my experiment with digital platforms was lame. Got, like, $200 out of it. Research tells me just hanging on tight to Wattpad is actually my best bet, and also will make the readers MUCH happier, which, to be honest, encourages me to write way more than money. I know this because I make about $2,200 per ghostwritten novel and it don’t make me happier than a delighted comment from a reader. I do it for the baybehs.
    • I’m including a button to the story on Wattpad to make your life easier:

2. I’m starting up a brand new novel: ‘Star Side.’ It’s a horror, romance, sci-fi conglomerate with surprise egg-laying. Buttons are also included to make your life easier (boy I’m so nice).

3. I’m editing and revising/rewriting an old draft and publishing that as well. ‘My Precious Nightmare.’ It’s contagious vampirism like ‘I Am Legend’ but with spunky teenagers as blood banks. Romance. Duh. Also buttons.

4. Successfully shaved my cat AGAIN, because apparently, he doesn’t put up with groomers. Also, the vet said he isn’t really overweight, he’s just big. So, here’s a picture of 24lbs of fuzzy Jim as I type this:

Now my eyes are tired from spending hours of updating and publishing stories and all that schnaz, so I’m going to lie face first in my bed for the next five minutes until my toddler wakes up from his nap. Then the 8-year-old will get home and it will be time to make dinner. I’ve done like nothing else but work on this today…I hope it’s worth it. No! Don’t let your inner feelings show! It will ruin your public image!No! Not your inner thoughts as well! No one wants to hear that!


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